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  • Brad Fitch
  • 2020
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Popular originals, personal favorites and milestones of his recording career thus far. Includes rare live versions of some of Brad's best-known compositions.
Released March 31, 2020
Produced by Brad Fitch
Brad Fitch: voice, six and 12-string guitars, mandolin/banjo/bass/ukulele/percussion
Bob Buford: guitar/dobro
Gordon Burt: violin
Charle Clark: keyboards
Jackie Clark: bass/fiddle
Kevin Dennis: bass
Brad Doggett: bass/voice
Dan Downs: drums
Doug Fitch: dobro/guitar/ukulele/voice
Chris Kennison: pedal steel guitar/Weissenborn
Eamonn Morris: bass/cello
Melinda Morris: voice
Johnny Neill: fiddle
Dick Orleans: guitar/synthesizer/voice
Mark Rashid: guitar/voice
Karen Sumey: voice
Larry Thompson: drums

Song List

  • Timberline Song
  • Southern Exposure
  • My Songs
  • The Big Thompson Flood
  • Small Town
  • Trail Ridge
  • When the Mountains Turn Pink
  • Take Me Away
  • Rockys the Part for All
  • We Live in Paradise
  • The Sea
  • Morning on the Sea
  • Keeping it to Himself
  • Horses Hay and Leather
  • The Cowboy Life
  • Welcome Home Old Companion
  • A Good Soldier
  • Life in a Tourist Town
  • Im Not that Kind of Ranger
  • Three Good Chords
  • Carols Song
  • Goodbye