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The Mountain Ear, published May 16, 2024

Brad Fitch has been delighting visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park by performing the songs of John Denver for nearly three decades.

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Cowboy Brad from Estes Park plays the music of country Colorado

The Estes Park Town board meeting recognize Brad Fitch for all his has done for the community.

This tribute to James Taylor will take place at the Old Gallery in Allenspark

Brad Fitch brings his John Denver Tribute to Frisco

Brad Fitch is a local resident country musician.

The Brad Fitch tribute to Gordon Lightfoot at the Old Gallery in Allenspark.

Tropicowboy Band
Don't miss Brad Fitch & The Tropicowboy Band this Saturday Night

What’s it like to attend a “Cowboy Brad” Fitch performance?  To sum it up in a few words – enjoyably different each evening.

First and foremost, Brad (hailing from Estes Park, Colorado), is a great musician, singer and song writer.   There are many singers who perform either their own, or others, songs without emotion or connection. That is not the case for Brad.  Whether it is a song performed primarily for kids or the very contemplative songs of his or other artists, each is delivered with the reverence it deserves.   This is a unique talent, not one to be taken lightly.

Although many people want to say that Brad looks like John Denver, (I guess it’s the blonde hair and perhaps the glasses), Brad leaves the distinction to the audience.  He makes no attempt, nor claim, to be a “look-alike, sound-alike” performer.  Rather, Brad delivers to his audience his artistic interpretation of John’s music.   This frees him to deliver the many songs of John Denver without any artificial bonds or limitations to the original score.  (Incidentally, John Denver himself played and recorded his music a number of different ways throughout his career).

John Denver tributes are a small portion of the musicality of Brad Fitch.  Attend two or more of any Brad Fitch performances and you’ll hear music that spans well beyond the Continental Divide.  This includes, but by no means is limited to: Gordon Lightfoot, Marty Robbins, Woody Guthrie, Steve Goodman, John Prine, John Denver, Jim Connors, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Doug Fitch, Bob Bufford, and many others.  You’ll hear cowboy songs, songs of the west, country, country western music and more.  Attend a campfire program or house concert and you’ll be blown away by the musical repertoire immediately available for the asking!

With all the wonderful music that Brad performs, there is more – much more.  Brad is a highly accomplished song writer.    Attend a night of all original music and you’ll enjoy an evening of talent that stretches far across the strings of his Guild guitar.  Romantic ballads, songs of the sea, musical stories about life in the mountains as experienced from the top of Longs Peak, to the floods of the Big Thompson, Brad’s discography shares with us his life, his living, his love of his music, the environment, and his friendships.

If you have an opportunity to see Brad perform in person, whether solo or with his full band, by all means, do so.  And if you are considering employing him for your own evening performance, either as a house concert, solo performance or full band show, don’t wait too long to book him for your dates.  His calendar fills quickly (as do the well-marketed venues he plays).

Photographs By: Powder Hill Photography

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