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Our MP3 songs are sold as single MP3 files. To play these files on an iPhone, you will need to sync the files with iTunes or use another method to install them to the device. This article has useful information. Our MP3 Albums are sold as a Zip Archive. To play these files, you will need to first extract the files, then transfer them to the iPhone.

For Android phones, plug the phone into the computer and transfer the files to your Music folder on the phone. Any app you use to play music should then play the files.

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Product Code: mgt-cd
Weight: 3.35oz
Dimensions: 5.59in x 0.39in x 4.92in

Price: $19.00

The duo had been performing together since the mid-1990s before making this, their first, album together.

  1. Prisoners
  2. King of Second Street
  3. One More Fallen Angel
  4. Eddie's Banjo Song
  5. Riding Along
  6. Making Good Time
  7. Love at First Site
  8. Three Good Chords
  9. Then Came You
  10. Live Out Our Dreams
  11. A Good Soldier
  12. The Remember Song